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Renters Insurance in Texas

Texas holds the third highest percentage in the U.S. for citizens who rent. Some rent because they are not able to purchase a home while others rent because they do not want to manage the maintenance and upkeep of a home. Regardless of the reason, it is important to budget for renter’s insurance when moving into a new apartment or adds to an existing lease.

Why Purchase Renter’s Insurance?

While not required by the State of Texas for moving into a new apartment, for those living in Arlington, TX, renter’s insurance is often required by most property management companies. Also, in case there is a loss at the apartment from wind, fire or some other disaster, the tenant’s belongings are covered under the insurance policy up to a specific amount. This means that a personal property loss will not come out of the tenant’s pocket.

Why is Renters Insurance Often Required?

The more residents living within proximity equates to a higher probability of issues. Due to the close living quarters, a fire at an apartment complex can impact hundreds of families. Renters insurance coverage ensures you can manage the renter’s legal liability, even if it was another tenant’s fault. Also, the landlord or property management company has no responsibility for loss to personal property of their tenants, so renter’s insurance helps with replacement.

What else to Know about Renter’s Insurance?

The State of Texas uses two common policy forms: the national standard (HO-4 form) and the Texas standard (HO-BT). The HO-4 form provides broad coverage for named personal property and liability. The HO-BT form provides similar coverage within the state. The Rickey McGill Insurance Agency can help you learn more about these forms.

If you are living in the Arlington, TX area and want to learn more about renter’s insurance coverage and policies, contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency today! We can answer all your questions about our products and services as well as general information about renter’s insurance in Texas.

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