Should Your Health Prevent You From Attempting to Acquire Life Insurance?

We get many life insurance questions at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency of Arlington, TX. Many of these questions involve misperceptions about life insurance that prevent many from seeking coverage.

There are misperceptions about costs and health exams. Some avoid even applying for life insurance because of their age or health conditions.

The reality is that life insurance is more accessible than ever. More companies are accepting applications from a variety of people with insurable challenges. Here is why you shouldn’t allow health issues to stop you from getting life insurance:

Health Examinations Have Been Relaxed

Many companies will consider your application without a health exam. Of course, the larger the policy and the more questionable health issues you may face, the more likely insurability or rates will be impacted.

Companies Are Specializing in Higher Risk Applicants

Some life insurance companies are tapping into the market of applicants who may have previously been uninsurable. These may include consumers with diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Rates may be adjusted, but protection may still be available.

Size, Weight, and Age Aren’t Necessarily Deal Breakers

Applicants who may be a bit older or overweight may not immediately be dismissed from coverage. Even if you face health challenges, you should still apply.

There Are Options

Don’t assume your physical condition or limitations may disqualify you from life insurance coverage. There may be a few more hoops to jump through, and premiums may be adjusted upward, but you may still be able to access coverage.

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If you have health or physical issues, don’t take it as a given that you are not qualified. Learn more by reaching out to us today.