Safe Driving Tips for New RV Owners

If you’re used to driving a small car, navigating an RV through Texas traffic can be a challenge. By taking some practice runs around Arlington and beyond, you can become more accustomed to your RV before hitting the road. These RV safety tips from Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX can also help you enjoy safer RV road trips.  

Plan Your Routes for Easier Travels

When you drive an RV, factors like low bridges, narrow roads, and congested city traffic can make a big difference in your travels. By planning your routes, you can avoid situations that make maneuverability more difficult as a new RV driver. Even buying gas can be tricky in an RV. Look for gas stations that provide you with ample space for reaching pumps and parking.

Driving Habits

Your driving habits will be different in an RV than a compact car. Your turns will need to be wider to avoid hitting the curb or crossing into the lane of another driver. Braking will take more time, so you’ll have to start braking sooner and maintain longer distances behind other drivers to avoid rear-end collisions. As you’ll be going slower, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for impatient drivers who will try to pass you at any given moment.

Watch the Weather

Driving an RV in severe rain or windstorms, on icy roads, or in foggy weather can be treacherous. Before hitting the road, listen to the weather forecast to avoid driving in bad weather. If you do hit inclement weather during your road trip, be ready to find a safe place to stop and wait it out.

RV Insurance for your Next Trip

Make sure you have ample RV insurance coverage to protect you on the road. For quality RV coverage at affordable costs, contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX.

The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Any injuries sustained on a motorcycle are potentially much more severe than inside a car. The National Highway Traffic Security Administration found motorcyclists to be 26 times more likely to be injured than a passenger in a vehicle. The most common cause of motorcycle incidents are blindsided collisions. This can potentially cause severe injuries to the driver of the motorcycle. The most common type of injuries include damages to the spine or head, both extremely critical areas of the human body.

Motorcycle insurance is separate from auto insurance. One big mistake people make is to get less coverage for their motorcycle, which can be cheaper than a vehicle. However, it is important to note that when you have motorcycle insurance, you are not only protecting your own motorcycle but also protecting yourself, other people, and other people’s property. The rate of insurance will depend on the age and history of the diver, type of motorcycle, and the actual limits of the specific policy. High value or vintage motorcycles are expected to have higher premiums. Additional features such as roadside insurance can increase the premium, but they provide excellent value for the benefits they offer.

It is vital to get yourself educated on the basics of motorcycle insurance so you can make an informed decision. You can get education and guidance through a registered local insurance agency. Rickey McGill Insurance Agency serving Arlington, TX has agents that are well-versed in the legal requirements of the state of Texas. We can guide you through the policies that are most suited to your needs, goals, and preferences. We can guide you through the process and determine the level of coverage you should get in your situation. Rickey McGill Insurance Agency is certified and has a great reputation for getting things done. You can get in touch with our team in Arlington, TX by phone, e-mail, or stop on by and give us a visit.