Do Texans Need Motor Home Insurance?

If you love to travel around Texas in your motor home, you are not alone. Many people enjoy traveling around the state, but they need to do so with the right motor home insurance. Insurance protects everybody on the road, and having the right coverage is crucial.

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency serves the Arlington, TX area and understands the impact of good insurance. If you plan to travel this year, here’s what you need to know about motor home insurance requirements in Texas.

Texas Requires Liability Insurance

In order to drive your motor home and have it registered in Texas, you must carry liability insurance. It needs a policy separate from your auto insurance policy if you can drive it on its own (and it is not towed by another vehicle).

Liability coverage is a guarantee that you will be able to cover some of the expenses incurred if you cause an accident. When you have a large vehicle like a motor home, you are smart to carry liability insurance.

Lenders May Have More Requirements

If you are still paying for the loan on your motor home, you may be required to carry additional insurance. This may include collision coverage, which covers the motor home if it is damaged in an accident, and comprehensive coverage, which covers your motor home if it is damaged in an incident unrelated to a collision.

Get Motor Home Insurance Today

Motor home insurance is required in Texas, and it is important that your policy meets your needs. If you aren’t sure exactly what your needs are, contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency to make sure your policy meets the requirements for Arlington, TX.