Why You Need the Right Auto Insurance

The right auto insurance is important, so you can protect your assets and have peace of mind, as well. If you’re in the Arlington, TX area, Rickey McGill Insurance Agency can help you find the auto policy that will work for your lifestyle and needs. When you’re unsure what kind of coverage to get or what level of protection you need, talking with a knowledgeable agent can be a great way to find quality information so you can make the best decision for your vehicle and how you use it.

An auto policy that’s right for you should cover you as fully as you want and expect, so you don’t have gaps in coverage that could put you at risk. But you also want to be sure you’re not getting more coverage than you need or a lot of extras that don’t work for your driving habits. By talking to our agents, you can get the help and support you’re looking to make a great choice for your next insurance policy. Then you can drive your vehicle with security and confidence no matter where your travels take you.

Reach out to us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency today, and let us help you choose the right auto insurance. If you’re in the Arlington, TX area, we can help you locate a policy that fits your needs and will keep you feeling secure. You and your family will be better protected that way, and you won’t have to worry about the level of coverage you have on your vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle in your family, you may want or need different coverage levels, too. By working with a dedicated, professional agent, you can make a great choice for your next auto policy.

Safe Driving Tips for New RV Owners

If you’re used to driving a small car, navigating an RV through Texas traffic can be a challenge. By taking some practice runs around Arlington and beyond, you can become more accustomed to your RV before hitting the road. These RV safety tips from Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX can also help you enjoy safer RV road trips.  

Plan Your Routes for Easier Travels

When you drive an RV, factors like low bridges, narrow roads, and congested city traffic can make a big difference in your travels. By planning your routes, you can avoid situations that make maneuverability more difficult as a new RV driver. Even buying gas can be tricky in an RV. Look for gas stations that provide you with ample space for reaching pumps and parking.

Driving Habits

Your driving habits will be different in an RV than a compact car. Your turns will need to be wider to avoid hitting the curb or crossing into the lane of another driver. Braking will take more time, so you’ll have to start braking sooner and maintain longer distances behind other drivers to avoid rear-end collisions. As you’ll be going slower, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for impatient drivers who will try to pass you at any given moment.

Watch the Weather

Driving an RV in severe rain or windstorms, on icy roads, or in foggy weather can be treacherous. Before hitting the road, listen to the weather forecast to avoid driving in bad weather. If you do hit inclement weather during your road trip, be ready to find a safe place to stop and wait it out.

RV Insurance for your Next Trip

Make sure you have ample RV insurance coverage to protect you on the road. For quality RV coverage at affordable costs, contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX.