Tips for Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

While summer may be particularly risky when behind the wheel, the truth of the matter is that every day is a risk. Teenagers tend to be the most vulnerable, especially throughout the summer because school is out. If you have a new, young driver hitting the road soon in Arlington, TX, you will want to protect them with auto insurance from Rickey McGill Insurance Agency. Here are a few additional tips to keep your teen driver as safe as possible.

Limit the Number of Passengers

When your child is new to driving, a car full of rowdy siblings and friends can make it incredibly hard to focus on driving and their surroundings. Therefore, you should limit your child’s passengers to one at a time. Depending on your state, your child may be restricted by law from having anyone other than a sibling or more than one passenger at a time until they reach a certain age.

Put Cell Phones Away

Teens often fail to comprehend the consequences of certain actions, such as texting and driving. Implement a stipulation that your teen must keep their smartphone away when they are driving. In the event your teen needs the phone for navigation, there are apps that can be downloaded onto the phone that will not allow it to be used for any other purpose until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Offer Options

You need to ensure that your teen understands poor behavior will not be tolerated. This includes underage drinking and driving. While you never want your teen to drink before they are of age, the most important thing is they feel comfortable giving you a call if they do decide to drink as opposed to getting behind the wheel and driving home. Options like this will reduce the chance of your teen making poor, dangerous decisions.

If your child is of age, you need to ensure they are on your insurance policy or has their own. Contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency for more information on teen auto insurance in Arlington, TX.