Why You Need Boat Insurance

When you own a boat, there are a lot of risks that you face both on the water and out of it. There are many things that can happen to a boat to cause it damage, and you could be liable for accidents that damage other boats and watercraft. In Texas, there is no requirement that boaters must have boat insurance, but it’s smart to have it for your own protection. In addition, some marinas and bodies of water may require that you have insurance in order to use them. When you need a boat insurance policy, call us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX.

Water Accidents

It’s always possible for collision accidents to happen on the water. If you should get into an accident on the water that is your fault, you will be liable for paying for the damage done to the other boat or medical bills if someone is injured. All of this can be highly expensive to pay for if you don’t have boat insurance. When you do have coverage, it can pay for all of these bills that are due so that you won’t have to come up with the money yourself. When you have this coverage, you will have better peace of mind every time you’re on the water. 

Other Boat Coverage

In addition to liability coverage, there are other types of coverage that can help protect you when you own a boat. Getting a policy type called comprehensive boat insurance will protect you against damage that can happen to your boat when you aren’t on the water. A number of risks to your boat exist on land, and you should be covered against them. You can also get property damage coverage that pays for things in the boat that are lost when you have an accident. 

Get Boat Insurance Protection

When you have boat insurance, you have protection. When you need this coverage call us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX.