Situations Where You Need Commercial Liability Insurance

When visiting your business, a client falls on loose carpeting, your employee leaves the water running in a customer’s home, someone files a lawsuit claiming misleading information in one of your ads — all these situations can lead to court battles and financial disaster if your Arlington, TX business isn’t properly covered.

To review your coverage to ensure it pays for the associated medical and legal expenses and punitive damages, call Rickey McGill Insurance Agency. In the meantime, here is some information on commercial liability insurance that every business owner should know

What Does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

Commercial liability insurance covers your legal defense and damages if you are held liable in a court proceeding. A lawsuit can have many negative impacts on your business and is one of the most frequently used types of coverage.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

Bodily injury and property damage protect you from legal liability and pay for bodily injury or property damage experienced by others. It covers events that occur at your place of business or elsewhere if the incident involves the negligent act of you or an employee.

Personal Injury and Advertising Injury

These types of coverage protect you from liability for several offenses, including libel, slander, copyright infringement, false arrest, wrongful evictions and using someone else’s ad ideas.

Medical Payments

This type of coverage includes injuries for non-employees due to an event that occurs on your business premises or as part of your business activities. Approved medical payments claims pay for surgical, medical, ambulance, hospital and funeral expenses for someone hurt or killed in an accident at your premises or deriving from your business operations.

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