Getting ready to store your motor home for the winter? Here are some helpful tips!

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency is here for motor home owners in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding area. If you’re getting ready to store your vehicle for the winter, these helpful tips can help you make the process a smooth one!

Follow these tips when securing your motor home for the winter

Owning a motor home is a great way to travel and see our wonderful country. If you own a motor home and are getting ready to store it for the winter, follow these helpful tips and ensure that your vehicle will be ready to go in the spring!

  1. Clean – make sure that the motor home is thoroughly cleaned before storing it for the winter. Take special care to remove all food and crumbs to prevent any bugs or insects from moving in!
  2. Winterize – drain your water pipes and ensure all water has been removed from the vehicle. Any below-zero temps that may occur in the winter months can cause a freeze-thaw cycle that can damage any pipes that still have water in them.  
  3. Secure – put up a windshield screen to protect your dash from any damage caused by sunlight. Be sure that your vehicle is locked and stored on level ground. It’s also a brilliant idea to take measures to avoid any infestation by rodents in your vehicle as well as under your hood and within the vehicle’s overall engine area. 

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