How to Know You’re Getting Enough RV Insurance Coverage

If you own and operate an RV in Texas, having quality RV insurance on board while you travel will give you the necessary legal protection and peace of mind. The type and amo7nt of RV insurance you will want to consider depends on your RV itself. RVs come in different types and sizes that change the class of insurance you need. The classes of RVs are:

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency of Arlington, TX will work with you to determine if you need liability, collision, or comprehensive coverage, as well as additional policies to cover equipment and accessories, emergency expenses, towing, and full-time coverage. There are a range of RV insurance options to choose from based on what you are looking for and our friendly agents are here to help.

Getting the Right Amount of Coverage

To determine if you are getting the right amount of insurance coverage, consider the type of RV, age, amount of protection you want, and mandatory amounts required to operate legally on roadways. There are different styles and classes of RVs that include:

  • Class A – Large RVs like bus style or motor coaches up to 75 ft long are included in this class.
  • Class B – Camper vans and small converted vehicles fall under this class of RV.
  • Class C – Fifth-wheel and vans with cab over designs are part of the Class C RVs.

Affordable RV Insurance in Texas

Give us a call, or use our online contact form to get in touch with us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency of Arlington, TX to discuss your RV insurance options. Our team works with the best companies to find affordable, quality policies for your insurance needs.