Why you need insurance for recreational vehicles in TX

Are you a recreational vehicle enthusiast? The team at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency can help you find the right insurance policy to cover your ATV. We serve all of the insurance needs of the greater Arlington, TX community, and would welcome the opportunity to work with you too!

Why you may need recreational vehicle insurance 

Many off-road vehicle enthusiasts think that they do not need insurance for their vehicles because they only ride them on private property. While there is some basis to this idea, it doesn’t tell the whole story. If you are riding on your land and have an accident, there are several policy types that can help cover medical expenses for yourself or a passenger, or damage to the vehicle, if the mishap is considered a covered event.

Incidents that occur on private property can still cause financial loss to you as the owner of the recreational vehicle. Additionally, in the event of vandalism or theft, certain policies can provide protection from losses. These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to look into an insurance policy for your recreational vehicle. There is no reason why you shouldn’t protect this type of vehicle the same way you protect your car or truck. Talk to your local agent today and find out more.

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Don’t skip renter’s insurance!

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency wants to be the insurance partner for the greater Arlington, TX area. We understand that today’s world can be pretty hectic, and obtaining a renter’s insurance policy is something that can often fall through the cracks. Yes, this is understandable, but we do like to encourage all of our clients to take the time necessary to obtain the insurance that will protect them.

Why renter’s insurance is a great idea

When you live in a rented unit, the insurance requirements fall to you, the tenant. While your landlord will have a policy that protects the building itself, and any common area, their policy will not provide coverage for your unit or personal belongings.

In the event of a covered event, you will be able to file a claim that is separate from any damage that the structure or the common areas may have. Because of this, you can tailor your renter’s policy to meet your own unique personal needs. There are a number of factors to consider, such as deductible amount, premium payment, and level of coverage that your local agent can help you with. Determining the right type of policy and the proper coverage level will help you find the policy that is appropriate for your needs. 

Is it time to choose your renter’s insurance policy? We can help!

If you need a renter’s policy, the team at  Rickey McGill Insurance Agency is here to help! Our team is focused on serving the insurance needs of the Arlington, TX community, and we would love to help you too. Give us a call to set up an appointment, or stop by our office today.

Do Texans Need Motor Home Insurance?

If you love to travel around Texas in your motor home, you are not alone. Many people enjoy traveling around the state, but they need to do so with the right motor home insurance. Insurance protects everybody on the road, and having the right coverage is crucial.

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency serves the Arlington, TX area and understands the impact of good insurance. If you plan to travel this year, here’s what you need to know about motor home insurance requirements in Texas.

Texas Requires Liability Insurance

In order to drive your motor home and have it registered in Texas, you must carry liability insurance. It needs a policy separate from your auto insurance policy if you can drive it on its own (and it is not towed by another vehicle).

Liability coverage is a guarantee that you will be able to cover some of the expenses incurred if you cause an accident. When you have a large vehicle like a motor home, you are smart to carry liability insurance.

Lenders May Have More Requirements

If you are still paying for the loan on your motor home, you may be required to carry additional insurance. This may include collision coverage, which covers the motor home if it is damaged in an accident, and comprehensive coverage, which covers your motor home if it is damaged in an incident unrelated to a collision.

Get Motor Home Insurance Today

Motor home insurance is required in Texas, and it is important that your policy meets your needs. If you aren’t sure exactly what your needs are, contact Rickey McGill Insurance Agency to make sure your policy meets the requirements for Arlington, TX.

How to Know You’re Getting Enough RV Insurance Coverage

If you own and operate an RV in Texas, having quality RV insurance on board while you travel will give you the necessary legal protection and peace of mind. The type and amo7nt of RV insurance you will want to consider depends on your RV itself. RVs come in different types and sizes that change the class of insurance you need. The classes of RVs are:

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency of Arlington, TX will work with you to determine if you need liability, collision, or comprehensive coverage, as well as additional policies to cover equipment and accessories, emergency expenses, towing, and full-time coverage. There are a range of RV insurance options to choose from based on what you are looking for and our friendly agents are here to help.

Getting the Right Amount of Coverage

To determine if you are getting the right amount of insurance coverage, consider the type of RV, age, amount of protection you want, and mandatory amounts required to operate legally on roadways. There are different styles and classes of RVs that include:

  • Class A – Large RVs like bus style or motor coaches up to 75 ft long are included in this class.
  • Class B – Camper vans and small converted vehicles fall under this class of RV.
  • Class C – Fifth-wheel and vans with cab over designs are part of the Class C RVs.

Affordable RV Insurance in Texas

Give us a call, or use our online contact form to get in touch with us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency of Arlington, TX to discuss your RV insurance options. Our team works with the best companies to find affordable, quality policies for your insurance needs.

A Guide to Texas Motorcycle Laws

There are many great places to ride in and around Arlington, TX. Rickey McGill Insurance Agency wants to make sure that you are riding safely and in line with the law. Please refer to our handy guide below for more information on Texas motorcycle laws.


A license to operate a motorcycle is required by law. The Texas Department of Public Safety will grant a license to motorcyclists that satisfy all the requirements for a regular driver’s license and complete a motorcycle safety course approved by the state. 

Helmet Law

All motorcycle drivers and their passengers must wear a helmet if they’re under the age of 21. Those over this age must wear a helmet unless they have  health insurance that covers motorcycle injury or have completed a motorcycle training course. However, it is still prudent to wear one to avoid head trauma in an accident.

Passenger Law

Passengers may only ride on motorcycles with designated fixed seats, footrests, and hand holds. They must be over the age of 5. All motorcycle passengers are subject to the same helmet laws as drivers. 

Traffic Laws

In addition to following normal traffic laws, there are a few that are specific to motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are not allowed to engage in lane splitting, which is the act of riding between lanes to pass traffic. It is also illegal to engage in lane sharing. Lane sharing is the act of riding side by side with another motorcycle in a single road lane.

Insurance Laws

Motorcycles are subject to the same insurance requirements as cars. Texas law mandates drivers have minimum liability coverage of $30,000 for each injured person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. 

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Learn About Boat Insurance

Taking your friends and family out on the lake in your own boat is a great feeling. Knowing that your boat is fully protected by a great boat insurance policy is an even better feeling. At Rickey McGill Insurance Agency, serving Arlington, TX, we can help you find the best insurance product for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about boat insurance. 

Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

Although some areas will allow you to operate a boat on open water without an insurance policy, you should understand that doing so can leave you vulnerable. You have invested money in your boat and the only way to protect that investment is through adequate insurance. 

It is also important to note that operating a boat carries with it certain risks. If your boat is involved in an accident, or someone is hurt on your boat, you could be held liable for their medical expenses or even for legal fees. Boating insurance is a great way to protect yourself against these types of expenses. 

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance will generally provide coverage in the following areas:

  • Property damage- If your boat is damaged due to fire, natural disaster, burglary, or an accident, you can be reimbursed for your losses. 
  • Collision coverage- If your boat causes damage to another vessel, this type of coverage will pay for repairs to the other vessel. If you do not have this type of coverage, you could be required legally to pay these costs. 
  • Liability coverage- If your boat causes injury to others or someone is hurt on your boat, you could be held responsible for medical bills or legal fees. Liability coverage will pay for these expenses. 

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Boost Your Liability Coverage With Umbrella Insurance

When you already have a home and auto policy in place, you still may not have enough coverage for liability. You can fix this problem with an umbrella insurance policy. If you are interested in getting more liability coverage, call us today at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX to find out more. 

Coverage for Accidents

When an accident happens and your car or house are involved, you can be found liable for the accident and all of the costs that go with it. These costs can be substantial, so it’s important to never go without liability insurance. When you have your auto and home insurance already, you will have some liability protection as a part of each of those policies. However, it is often not enough coverage to pay for a serious accident. For that, many people get umbrella insurance to add to the liability coverage of the home and auto policies. 

A Higher Maximum Payout

When you get an umbrella insurance policy, it works alongside your other policies. First, the car or home insurance, depending on where the accident happened, will pay for your liability costs. However, if there are still bills due after your home or auto insurance have maxed out, you have your umbrella insurance that comes in and pays the rest of it. With an extremely high maximum payout, chances are that this policy will pay the rest of what you owe so that you are left scrambling to pay the overage. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you have auto and home insurance, don’t take it for granted that you have enough liability coverage. Chances are that you don’t have enough for the sky-high costs of a serious accident. That’s why umbrella policies are so popular. If you are interested in one of these policies, contact us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX to make an appointment with an agent to discuss it. 

Condo insurance FAQS

For many people, owning a condo is a way to own a home without much maintenance to worry about. It is also, in many cases, an affordable way to get into a pricey housing market. Arlington has a very competitive housing market. If you are purchasing a condo and getting your first condo insurance, you may have questions. You aren’t alone. Many condo owners have questions. At Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX, our experienced staff can help with advice and answers. 

Is condo insurance mandatory in Texas?

Condo insurance is not mandatory in Texas. If, however, you have a mortgage on your condo, your lender will require you to show proof of condo insurance. Read your covenant to see if you are required to have condo insurance. 

Doesn’t the condo association have insurance on my condo?

Yes, indeed, the condo association does have insurance on your condo. They have building insurance covering the exterior of the building and liability coverage on the common areas you share with other residents. What they don’t have is insurance on the interior of your condo and your personal possessions. 

What does condo insurance cover?

Condo insurance has several types of coverage:

  • Building– Even though the condo association covers the exterior of your condo, the walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, and other structural things inside your unit are covered by your condo insurance.
  • Contents-Your personal possessions, furniture, decor, electronics, jewelry, and clothes are all covered.
  • Liability-You need your own liability coverage for the interior of your unit in the event some on is injured while visiting. 
  • Loss of use- If your condo gets damaged by a covered hazard, you will get funds to help pay for a place to stay. 

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Examining Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency provides coverage to the Arlington, TX community. For over 30 years, we have helped local residents find the coverage they need to enjoy a comfortable life. We strive to treat all of our clients with respect and kindness. We have positive relationships with multiple carriers throughout the South. We will help you find the coverage you need to protect your assets.

Examining Term Life and Life Insurance

While you are enjoying a comfortable life in Arlington, TX, things can change at any moment. You should have a plan in place if something unexpected happens. Consider the significance of life insurance. Life insurance allows there to be a smooth transition of your assets once you have passed away. Things may be uncertain, but your life insurance coverage provides a foundation for your loved ones to lean on. Life insurance assists your funeral arrangements. Your loved ones can also use your life insurance to continue managing your assets or doing great things in the future such as pursuing a college education.

One of the most common life insurance policies is term life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage over a specified period of time. Generally, the terms of the policy last for 20 years. Term life policies are considered low risk compared to whole life policies. The coverage is generally fixed. You also have the option to renew the terms of your policy every year. This allows you to lock in coverage when you need it most.

Rickey McGill Insurance Agency Will Help You Find Coverage

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Types of commercial insurance policies

Commercial insurance laws vary from one federal state to another. Commercial General liability insurance is not mandatory in Texas, but it cushions business owners against liability claims for property damage, bodily injury, and advertising injury. These federal laws can affect the kind of insurance policies you need for your small business. Suppose you are planning to initiate a business venture in Arlington, TX. In that case, it’s wise to invest in sufficient commercial insurance so that you can safeguard your business against incertitudes such as fires, employee injuries, and liability lawsuits.

Statistics show that Texas’s small business ventures account for about 4.4 million employees spread out in the entire state. Without the right commercial insurance policy in Texas, businesses can find themselves on the receiving end for thousands of dollars to cater to liabilities emanating from litigation and abrupt, unexpected eventualities. Suppose your business entity owns vehicles. In that case, it’s wise to procure commercial auto insurance to cater to the cost of injuries and property damage caused by your employee after an engagement in an accident, and he/she is deemed liable. Connect with us at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency, and our charismatic personnel will help you analyze various commercial insurance policies and choose the one that meets your needs.

What types of commercial insurance coverages offered at the Rickey McGill Insurance Agency?

  • Business liability insurance: It helps protect you, your employees, and your clients in the event of an accident at your business premises.
  • Commercial property insurance: Safeguard your company’s physical assets like furniture, equipment, your building equipment, and inventory from covered perils.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Helps guard your business venture and employees against various damages and accidents resulting from vehicles’ operation.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: It provides your business with extra coverage beyond your standard liability policy.
  • Business interruption insurance: It compensates for lost income and keeps your business afloat if the covered perils force you to close for a short period.
  • Workers’ compensation: This policy is not mandatory in Texas but can protect your employees in the event of work-related accidental injuries.

Are you in need of commercial insurance in Arlington, TX? Our team of in-house experts can help you find the right coverage you need. Call us or visit Rickey McGill Insurance Agency offices today, and you won’t regret it.