Texas Motorcycle Insurance Requirements and Options

According to the insurance agents at Rickey McGill Insurance Agency in Arlington, TX, securing a motorcycle insurance policy in Texas is not only required but also the right thing to do to be a responsible driver. While motorcycle liability insurance is required by law in Texas, there are also various other auto coverage options to choose from.

Liability Insurance

In Texas, it is illegal to operate a car, truck, SUV, or even a motorcycle on the road without proof of financial responsibility or proof that you have the required insurance in place. Minimum liability coverage will help pay for the damage you may cause in an accident to someone’s property or injuries they may suffer due to an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage will help you pay to repair or replace your bike if it is stolen, damaged, or destroyed by some type of natural disaster, including a tornado or hurricane, a fire, or even an act of vandalism.

Collision Insurance

Suppose you collide with another vehicle or some sort of object and damage your motorcycle or cause damage to the other person’s property. In that case, collision insurance will be handy since it will help you pay for those damages.

As a side note, if you owe money on your motorcycle, your lender may require you to have both collision and comprehensive coverage, along with the liability insurance required by law.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorcycle Insurance

While this type of coverage is not required in the state of Texas, it can be important to have if you become involved in an accident with someone who does not have any insurance in place or does not have an adequate amount of insurance to cover the damages to your motorcycle or for the medical bills from any injuries you may have to endure.

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